No Cheesing this week

Need some information about making dairy products, here's where to ask those questions! Cheese, Butter, Yogurt, Ice-cream and ALL things dairy?
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No Cheesing this week

Postby minnie » Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:47 am

Well as usual all good plans... :twisted:

The weather is hot and windy here, and as we discovered with cheesemaking in high temps in this house last year, it's not worth trying. So for the next week no cheesing, and I've got my new decor containers, aldi cheese cave and the new starters... :roll:

Fingers crossed it cools as tad, I new camembert for Christmas and I'm dying to try the Danish cheese.

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Re: No Cheesing this week

Postby Huxter » Sat Oct 24, 2009 6:11 am

The cheesery I work in now is usually between 35 and 38C ----the cutting and packaging room is cooled but with milk at between 33 and 42 depending on what we make ,and the constant flow pasteuriser running at 77C and the huge industrial dishwasher runing constantly to clean hoops ,trays,mats etc , its like working in a sauna ! I keep running into the ageing rooms to cool down !

This week we made feta ,triple cream bries in various sizes ,two types of blue and an English crumbly .All with starters etc from Cheeselinks ,as they seem to be the only Australian supplier of these sort of products .

All in all , this week we made 2400 litres of milk into cheese , thats about 350 kg of finished product ,maybe more .And the Berkshire pigs down the road get all the whey and rejected product ---tasty little buggers I'll bet ,eating all that cheese !!!

The world needs you to grow your own food!!

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