What Are? The differences between -

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These FAQs are aimed to assist preservers and those making dairy products.
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What Are? The differences between -

Postby Shadowgirlau » Fri Aug 15, 2008 9:03 am

A cooked mixture of fruits and/or vegetables with sugar, vinegar and spices. This condiment can range in texture from chunky to smooth and in degrees of spiciness from mild to hot.

Similar to jam, a mixture of fruits, nuts and sugar cooked together until thick and often used as a spread. While having the consistency of a soft jam a conserve is cooked using whole fruits or halved fruits (depending on individual taste and size of fruits) but always large pieces of fruit. Tradionally a conserve also conatins a combination of dried fruits, nuts and spices though in modern times most cooks leave these out. When nuts and raisins are omitted the conserve basically becomes a mixed fruit jam and no longer classifes as a classic conserve.

Fruit Butters:
Puréed fruit cooked with sugar and spices until smooth and thickened; used as a sweet spread.

A thick mixture of crushed or chopped fruit cooked with sugar or pectin and used as a sweet spread or ingredient.

Made from fruit juice with sugar or pectin, this sweet spread contains no solid fruit.

Marmalade: Similar to jam, this preserve is often made from citrus fruit and contains pieces of fruit rind.
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