Fig Jam

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Fig Jam

Postby Shadowgirlau » Wed Apr 29, 2015 9:29 am

Well we are in the throws of Autumn and although i thought I had finished 'putting up' for this season it seems not as I was given a large bag of figs last month. My friend was all 'figged out'! as she told me so I dutifully bought those figs home not really knowing what I was going to do with them because I am the only one in my own family who likes figs.

In the end I decided to make jam but wasn't content to make just the usual standard type of Fig Jam so into the pot with the figs I threw in a few cinnamon sticks to infuse along with a few pieces of lemon rind and a vanilla pod then added the sugar and left this all to infuse for several hours before
eventually making the jam.

I like to keep my finished jars of jam or what ever else I have made out on the counter for anything up to a week before packing them away just to ensure the seals are true (though I know you can still have seal failures months down the track). Anyway I digress - I have since opened our first jar of the Fig Jam and wow! if I do say so myself. Looking at the jar it actually looks like raspberry or may strawberry jam so if you didn't know it was fig you could mistake it for either. The flavour is gorgeous very soft delicate with a warm hint of cinnamon coming through.

I love to experiment with making jams particularly unusual flavour combinations. Pity I only had enough figs to make one batch of jam however I have since decided that even though I am the only family member who likes figs, last week I planted a fig tree :D
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