Vacola teething issues

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Vacola teething issues

Postby dunnymel » Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:17 pm

My first ever batch of preserves on the weekend in the stove-top Vacola.
I've tasted some and it is amazing despite the fruit not being 100% ripe when preserved.
2 issues I encountered that I'd like some help with please;
1) Some water escaped from bottles and entered the Vacola (causing water to be stained pink and water spilling from the thermometer well during preserving). Each bottle is missing about 4cm of water, so fruit is quite exposed at top of jar and looks like it will dry out. I only had 2 pages of the Vacola manual I found on the net as instructions. As I packed bottles I added tap water bit by bit, so I'm sure I started with enough in each jar. As per instructions I left 1-1.5cm of air between the water level in the jar and the lid. Heated up to 92C over 45 mins (did creep up to 95C at one point) and held it at 92C for an hour. It looks as though the contents of the jar boiled during preserving. What did I do wrong?
2) After preserving the fruit is quite compacted and floating at the top with about 3cm of water at the bottom. I think that can be sorted out by improved packing (I now own a 'packing stick').

Many thanks

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