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Re: Dehydrating

Postby Heidi » Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:47 pm

Hi Kathleen,
I bought an ezidry, because the excalibur was not only out of my reach financially, but also because it was most likely overkill for the amount of dehydrating I would do with it.
I do rollups for the kids, but with five trays at a time, it's easy to keep up with the demand. The ezidry came with five trays and one rollup sheet, but I bought another four at the same time to save on postage, and lets face it, who does one rollup at a time!!!
The trays are expandable, ie. you can add more to the pile, but I haven't needed to. I basically run it overnight and in the morning its done.

This is where I bought it from, and I spoke to the lady, and she was wonderful (she could've sold me the Excalibur, but she told me that based on my needs, it probably was more than I needed... so that was very honest of her).

$185 for the Ezidry snackmaker
$9.50 for rollup sheet (It came with one free, and I bought four more)
$15 p&h

Worth a look.

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