Building your own Green House

Some say 'Green' or 'Sustainable' or 'Self Sufficient' how we try to ensure we live to put a smaller footprint on our earth.
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Building your own Green House

Postby Shadowgirlau » Wed May 06, 2015 9:36 am

Well building a Green House, (and at some point a shade house too) has been on my long term agenda for ages. With the real cold snap we have had this week I told DH that a green house is on my to do list right now. As a result while in town yesterday I bought a few things that I thought we would need to add to those items I knew we already had here at home so we can do just this.

Most green house designs are overly complicated with lengthy instructions. I have had my 'eye' on a particular type and will still buy it eventually but for now what we are going to do will suffice particularly as I can't afford to buy this particular one at the moment.

DH is skeptical but today we are going to build a poly pipe style green house to cover one garden bed, an experiment really not to mention I only have enough materials to do only one bed. Anyway.
We already have 8 star pickets (after much scrounging around) and we also have a roll of black poly pipe that we bought a few years ago from through a closing down sale (we didn't know what we would do with it at the time but just thought it would come in useful which it has , several times now) This left the plastic, so I bought a few metres of extra wide thick clear plastic. I think this will be the only expense along with the clips to clip the plastic to the pipes with.
I was up and outside very early this morning gathering everything up ready to start work on building this today. It isn't as cold out as it has been and is quite misty really. The chickens were let out earlier and have loved rushing around seeking out those tid bits that are out when the ground is moist in the early mornings like this. So I am now ready t6o go, just need my willing (or not so willing) helper. :lol:

Has anyone else built themselves one of these poly pipe tunnels to use as a green house? I'd love to hear how useful or not you found it to be.

Happy Gardening
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